Teaching Material


M.Sc. (Biochemistry)

Part I, Semester II

Cell Biology - BCCC201

Early sorting of inner nuclear membrane proteins
Nuclear Import-Export
Nuclear pore complex
The Two-Component System

Enzymes - BCCC203

Quench Flow MS-MS
Equilibrium Dialysis Guide
Rapid Kinetic Techniques
Direct Linear Plot
Enzyme Kinetics University Science Books
Temperature Jump Technique
Enzymes and their role in Biotechnology
Segel's Biochemical Calculation
Enzyme Definition Characteristics
Enzyme - Protein Purification
Enzyme - Protein purification 3
Enzyme Mechanism of Action
Enzyme - Protein purification 2
Nomenclature Classification
pH and Temp effect
Types of Catalysis
Enzyme immobilization

Molecular Biology - BCCC204

Discovery of DNA Polymerase I - The Eureka enzyme
History of DNA replication
Enzymatic synthesis of DNA
Partial purification of DNA Pol. enzyme
John Kairns historical experiments

Basics of Biochemistry - BCOE401

Unit 6

Structures of Proteins and Enzymes
Models for Enzyme Action
Enzymes in Solution
Enzyme Kinetics
Enzyme Inhibition
Enzymes - Applications
Structure Function Relationship Hemoglobins and Myoglobin

Part II, Semester IV

Developmental Biology, BIOCHEM 1001

Xenopus Nodal Signals
Role of Skn-1 in development
Implantation of embryo
Spemann Organizer
Discovery of Apoptosis in worms
Morphogen and Development
Anterior-Posterior polarity
Worms - Life and Death
Mesoderm induction - Zebra Fish
Stecrets of zebra sripes

Proteomics and Metabolomics - BIOCHEM 1003 

Basics of mass spectrometry-based metabolomics
Introduction to Analytical Ultracentrifugation
Metabolomics - Basic Principles and Strategies
Metabolomics GÇô an overview
Metabonomics and Metabolomics
Metabonomics to pharmacometabonomics


Ph.D. (Biochemistry)


Chemical Safety Guidelines for Laboratories
Guidelines for Safety in Biotechnology
Guidelines for Animal Facility
Guidelines_90 RDT Guidelines
Guidelines_Material Safety Data Sheet
WHO Biosafety Manual
Presentations Know How
How to Structure Papers for Publication


Unit 2 : Physical Biochemistry by David Sheehan

Physical Biochemistry David Sheehan

Unit 4

1.A)  Introduction to cell culture

B)     Animal Cell culture Guide


2.     Generation of Stable Expression Mammalian Cell Lines

3.     https://www.addgene.org/protocols/generating-stable-cell-lines/ 

4.     Selecetable markers : https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/agricultural-and-biological-sciences/selectable-marker 

5.     Transfection and selection in mammalian cells


6.      Inducible expression:




Unit 5:

Isolation of Microtubules and Microtubule Proteins
Preparation and Coculture of Neurons and Glial Cells
Isolation of Lipid Droplets from cells by Density Gradient Centrifugation
Isolation of Intestinal Brush-Border Membranes
Isolation of Endoplasmic Reticulum, Mito and Mito associated Mem
Isolation of CCV by Differential and Density Gradient Centrifugation
Cell Fraction