Facilities / Infrastructure

BSL3 Facility

Various equipments placed in BSL-III facility. Two class II (Type B2) biosafety cabinets are installed in the BSL III facility. It allows 100% exhaust of the intake air.  The fan in the cabinet must be kept on at the time of working in order to maintain correct airflow through the facility.


Tissue culture facility: One class II (Type B2) biosafety cabinets and CO2 incubator along with other instruments like FACS calibur and Fluorescence microscope are installed in our tissue culture facility.


         All the experimental animals are housed in individually ventilated caging system to ensure pathogen-free inner environment.

Aerosol Machine: The system is a whole-body exposure chamber for the quantitative experimental infection of animals by inhalation of air bearing the pathogenic agent. The animals are placed in a compartmented mesh basket within the chamber. Compressed air and vacuum pumps, along with the necessary controls and flow indicators, are built into the system. 


Trained personnel working in BSL III facility


Animal House