Facilities / Infrastructure

BSL3 Facility

1 - BSL3
Various equipments placed in BSL-III facility. Two class II (Type B2) biosafety cabinets are installed in the BSL III facility. It allows 100% exhaust of the intake air.  The fan in the cabinet must be kept on at the time of working in order to maintain correct airflow through the facility. 

     2 - BSL3                                  3 - BSL3

Tissue culture facility: One class II (Type B2) biosafety cabinets and CO2 incubator along with other instruments like FACS calibur and Fluorescence microscope are installed in our tissue culture facility.

   4 - BSL                5- BSL                        

All the experimental animals are housed in individually ventilated caging system to ensure pathogen-free inner environnent.

6 - BSL

Aerosol Machine: The system is a whole-body exposure chamber for the quantitative experimental infection of animals by inhalation of air bearing the pathogenic agent. The animals are placed in a compartmented mesh basket within the chamber. Compressed air and vacuum pumps, along with the necessary controls and flow indicators, are built into the system. 

          7 - BSL                      8 - BSL

Trained personnel working in BSL III facility



AKTA BIACore MiSeq etc

spectroscopy facility

Animal House

Animal House (Main)

                                     Animal House 1                           Animal House 2

                                     Animal House 3                           Animal House 4

                                     Animal House 7                           Animal House 6

Animal House 5


Department Library

Books purchased using UGC-SAP Grant

Other facilities  (1)   (2)


Seminar Room

Seminar Room 

Class room

Class rooms


ICT Enabled Facilities 


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