Head of the Department

Prof. Alo Nag HOD

Professor Alo Nag
Head of the Department
Dean, Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences
University of Delhi South Campus, New Delhi
E.mail: hodbiochemistry@gmail.com
Phone : 91-11-24114159



Prof Suman Kundu (new)

Professor Suman Kundu
Director, University of Delhi South Campus
Former, Head of the Department
Former Dean, Faculty of Interdisciplinary and Applied Sciences

 Mr. Subrata Ghosh (new)

 Mr. Subrata Ghosh 
Technical Assistant
(Superannuated, December 2017) 



 Rajiv Chawla (New)

Mr. Rajiv Chawla
Technical Assistant (Computer)


 Baba Nand

Late Mr. Baba Nand
Senior Assistant
(1st March 1961 - 25th July 2020)


 Ramesh Pandey (new)

 Mr. Ramesh C. Pandey
Laboratory Assistant



                                           Mahender Khanduri                                 Ravi Sharma                               

                                  Mr. Mahender Khanduri                         Mr. Ravi Sharma                 
                                    Laboratory Attendant                      Laboratory Attendant             
                                        (Contractual)                                      (Contractual)

                                       Rameshwar                               Varun Sachdeva
                                  Mr. Rameshwar Mehto                        Mr. Varun Sachdeva
                                   Laboratory Attendant                       Laboratory Attendant
                                            (Project)                                            (Project)

Administration Team

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